As the leader of the Mythical 9th Division, Albrecht is intelligent, quick-witted and dedicated to the end. Unlike most yetis, Albrecht has a great interest in technology, and keeps up to date with the latest gadgets.

Regarded as the largest yeti ever to have graced the earth, Timonen
is a giant among giants. He’s the beefcake of the group with a heartfelt
love of yaks, and what he lacks in tact and intelligence, he more than
makes up for in strength.

Saar is the most experienced of the Mythical 9th Division, and
can always be picked out from a line-up by the long stripy scarf
he wears. He’s the arty, thoughtful member of the group, and
one of the last yetis in the world to still follow the mystical Way
of the Yeti.